Rae Mariz

Rae Mariz


I just turned 33. I’ve lived in Stockholm for over ten years now and am probably going to stay here for the long haul. I’m working as a Swedish to English translator for film production companies in Sweden and smaller publishers in Stockholm. I used to be an employee for the children’s library at Stockholm’s culture house before I got my own kid to wrangle and read to.

I graduated high school with a two-year college degree thanks to a program where I was able to attend upper level course at age 16. Despite being a nerd, I didn’t continue with higher education apart from a few years of art school. I started working in public libraries instead, confident that I would go back to school when I wanted to know something I couldn’t learn by reading books. I haven’t gone back since (except for a few language courses), though I often daydream about going to university to study neurobiology.

I travel a lot. More than I care to. I’m a hermit with a hobo lifestyle.

I’m a taurus.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ.

And I’m generally pretty uncomfortable with talking about myself.