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The most fascinating thing about this review is that I wasn’t familiar with Blue 52 (the “world’s loneliest whale”) when writing Weird Fishes, but that is DEFINITELY him in that scene. Still marveling at how this story-telling thing works…

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This was really creative and interesting! The cover copy above gives a nice summary of Rae Mariz’s novella, but there is a striking amount of depth for such a simple plot. Mariz touches on the patriarchy, colonialism, racism, environmentalism, etc. This isn’t just about humans destroying the oceans; the ocean floor intelligence Ceph is a member of are just as powerful, stratified, and destructive as their above water cousins.  Mariz

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Weird Fishes is officially out next week! Thanks everyone for spreading the word to help this story find its readers. I’m TERRIBLE at describing this book without revealing the whole surprise, so I’ll try sharing who I wrote this book FOR: Readers looking for an entertaining climate fantasy romp will enjoy this story. It’s cute and has a lot of heart. Like whale-sized heart. And if you’re a reader whose

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Rereading this book and I cannot wait for you all to read this wonderful, fluid, deep diving and just plain FUN climate story the amount of MANA @raemariz has imbued into every page. Kanaka fiction you do NOT want to miss! I just can’t quite put to words how much this book resonates with my na’au and makes me long for a place I feel like my kupuna might know

REVIEW: Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review Mariz (The Unidentified) takes readers deep beneath the ocean for a strange and beautiful cli-fi fantasy. When Ceph, a many-armed, many-brained scientist, has a run in with Iliokai, a deep-sea whale rider with her finger on the ocean’s pulse, Iliokai confirms her deepest fears: the above-water beings are responsible for the slowing of the ocean’s currents, which will mean certain death for the denizens of the ocean if the

FEATURE: Stone Soup exclusive preview I’m excited about readers taking the plunge even though there’s no way we can prepare them for how deep this story goes. We can only hint at the buoyant delights and chemical emotions swirling on the other side. After readers reemerge, I hope they feel a gentle tentacle tug still connecting them to that place. And maybe reconsider what exactly is separating us from the world we live in