Rae Mariz

Rae Mariz

Physics of Skateboarding


Via my friends at Skate Like A Girl, this video by Dr. Tae eerily advocates just the kind of radical active education proposed in The Unidentified (especially the Park, for those of you who’ve read the book.) The video isn’t super engaging in the beginning, but the content is spot on. At 14:30 when he illustrates the learning process by attempting a new skateboard trick is super entertaining. Definitely worth watching.

Updating the Updates


Hey. Stuff’s been happening, I’m just so bad at keeping people updated. I’m working feverishly on the follow-up book to the Unidentified (not a sequel, though after hearing from readers I’m starting to consider other stories set in that world now too) and also I had a baby a month ago without telling the internet.

Since I’m naturally secretive about personal events and works-in-progress (and also think that just writing buy-my-book promo stuff is super boring), I’m going to try a new approach and use this space to point at things on the internet that refer to the themes and things in the books I write. So check here for interesting and weird links to social media trends, alternate education practices, and game design and psychology. Wee!

I’m also somewhat active on twitter if you want to follow me there. Facebook, not so much.

See you around the interwebs.

Inktips for writing dystopian worlds


I had a lot of fun chatting with the teen writers at inkpop the other day. The conversation about writing dystopian novels is still available there, but if you want a cheat sheet there’s a condensed version with five tips for writing the world as we know it, but worse.

Book Release Day


Thanks everyone for giving the Unidentified a fantastic Book Release Day. The book feels good and welcomed into the world.

Don’t forget that I’m answering questions over at inkpop tonight 5pm EST. There’s already a bunch of really great questions lined up and waiting…

Unidentified giveaway


Enter to win a copy of the Unidentified over at goodreads. They’ve got ten copies and you’ve got three more days to enter!

update: oop! it’s closed now. Congrats to the winners!



Exactly one week until the Unidentified is released and available…

Live Chat at inkpop


I’ll be doing a live chat at inkpop on October 6th, 5pm EST

visual and physical confirmation…


They exist! For-real copies of the book have been delivered today. Kinda creepy to open a box and see all those faces staring back at me.

The Unidentified book trailer


Flashy new book trailer. Watch it… before it watches you?

YouTube Preview Image

New Voices Pick 2010


The Unidentified has been chosen as one of 20 titles by the Association of Booksellers for Children for its New Voices Pick 2010.

Way to go, book.