this is a portfolio of my work. writing craft and crafting craft. texts and textiles. fanart drawings of my own stories with ink or with thread. this is an experiment in not making distinctions. all these projects aren’t necessarily in their final pokemon evolutions, so i’ll update as things reach completion. i’d eventually like to add a section showcasing things that didn’t work. that’s an important part of the creative process. i have the most spectacular failures and i’m particularly proud of them.

i write fantastical fiction about science and nature and what could be. my narrative non-fiction is about living playfully in the world right now. the rae genre often features the trope of misfits coming together to make something greater. the stories all imagine situations that embrace really radical change. there’s always inevitably a mention of ant civilisations, misunderstood wolves, hyper intelligent crows and, oddly, the word “parabolic”???

if you’re not a bot contact me at: rae (dot) mariz (at) gmail (dot) com