my race against time to free-knit clothes to fit children in our changing climate

the whole creative process from ecosystem inspiration to problem-solving, always keeping kids in mind

baby irma sleeping on back, wearing finished sweater, arms stretched over head
11 sep 2022. it fits! my work here is done.

Summer 2022, I “free-knitted” a baby sweater with the theme of “forest garden” for a baby with a late July due date. Baby’s mom is into gardening and I’m into regenerative agriculture. I wanted to see if I could knit something that reflected the wild and less-cultivatedness of a food forest in the process itself. I had a rough template for shape and measurements, but created it without a pattern or clear plan. Figured out some vague proportions of a newborn’s body and let it grow. 

Russian blue cat sitting on knitting book
3 sep. Neko is helping

Fall 2023. WORK-IN-PROGRESS! I’m slowly knitting this 2-color brioche intarsia cardigan for a friend’s baby River. They live in Astoria, where the Colombia River meats the sea, so I took inspiration from branching tributaries and the different qualities of light on the ripples in water.