I was SO nervous leading up to this virtual book launch. I’d lived my life MAKING SURE I’d never be in the position of having to do any kind of public speaking thing, and yet, there I was being a good sport and talking about my new book. It went great! (You can barely even notice when I puke a little in my mouth on camera, haha) And I got to share the release of this story with friends and fans in a bunch of different time zones. Thank you everyone who showed up to support me, you know I needed your support to do stuff like that!

“On the surface this is an undersea adventure but it’s also cheeky, it’s bewildering… sharp as glass in its critique of past and ongoing colonial aggression and its effects on the ocean and its creatures.”

Selena Middleton, Stelliform Press
  • Introduction by publisher Selena Middleton 00:10-8:30
  • Author reading 8:50-20:15
  • Q&A discussion with Maria Haskins 21:00-50:00