VIDEO: Book Launch

Introduction by publisher Selena Middleton Author reading Q&A with Maria Haskins “on the surface this is an undersea adventure but it’s also cheeky, it’s bewildering… sharp as glass in its critique of past and ongoing colonial aggression and its effects on the ocean and its creatures.” –Selena Middleton, Stelliform Press

REVIEW: Solarpunk Station

The most fascinating thing about this review is that I wasn’t familiar with Blue 52 (the “world’s loneliest whale”) when writing Weird Fishes, but that is DEFINITELY him in that scene. Still marveling at how this story-telling thing works…

REVIEW: Alex Brown @

This was really creative and interesting! The cover copy above gives a nice summary of Rae Mariz’s novella, but there is a striking amount of depth for such a simple plot. Mariz touches on the patriarchy, colonialism, racism, environmentalism, etc. This isn’t just about humans destroying the oceans; the ocean floor intelligence Ceph is a member of are just as powerful, stratified, and destructive as their above water cousins.  Mariz

FEATURE: Who this book is for

Weird Fishes is officially out next week! Thanks everyone for spreading the word to help this story find its readers. I’m TERRIBLE at describing this book without revealing the whole surprise, so I’ll try sharing who I wrote this book FOR: Readers looking for an entertaining climate fantasy romp will enjoy this story. It’s cute and has a lot of heart. Like whale-sized heart. And if you’re a reader whose