Maria Haskins features the best of recently released speculative short fiction in her monthly round-up. I’ve found so many great stories based on her recommendations and am delighted that “The Field Guide for Next Time” was included among all these other tales.

spooky graphic for Maria's Feb/Mar 2023 round-up

This issue of khōréō is well worth picking up, and not just for this glistening tale of how better futures are possible, even after a terrible past. The story is told as if it is the text found on a winding, woven tapestry, telling the tale of a society that has survived a changing world and found better ways to live, better ways to exist in the world, than what we might think is possible right now. It’s a beautiful story, filled with hope, even as the people in this better future also remember the grief and loss of the past.

Maria Haskins

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