There’s an end-of-year tradition in SFF circles for writers to list which stories they had published that year so people know what’s eligible to nominate and vote for in the upcoming awards season. A round-up. A recap. Because the year is long and awards season is short.

2023 is the first year I have a piece of speculative short fiction eligible for awards consideration.

“The Field Guide for Next Time” was published in issue 3.1 of khōréō magazine March 2023, with the online and audio version made available this summer:

I’m still in awe that the khōréō mag crew put all their talents behind this incredibly experimental piece of interactive short fiction. (It’s the written translation of a collaborative patchwork textile which serves as a community guidebook for how to live in a solar-punkish, Indigenous Futurismy, eco-anarchist speculative future.) Yeah, I was surprised that I found someone so excited to publish it, too!

Please check out all of the stories khōréō has put out this year. All stories published in 2023 are eligible and I’d love to see more diaspora speculative fiction considered for SFF awards!