It was such an honor to have Sarah Gailey host the cover reveal of Weird Fishes over at their Stone Soup community newsletter. You can read an excerpt from the book there along with a brief Q&A with me and my editor Selena Middleton.

Asked to say a few words about this book, I find my mind swirling in a kind of gyre and maybe that’s the best way to express the experience of being this book’s editor. I pulled this book out of slush and got sucked into a world that has changed me in different ways every time I engaged with it. Did I emerge from the other side of this story a different person? I do feel transformed—not just by what’s on the page but by the conversation between me and Rae and these characters and this world. I hope that readers will love stubborn little Ceph and Iliokai’s deep love and longing and everything that Rae has given us in these pages enough to be changed too.

Selena Middleton, Stelliform Press

Enjoy the whole feature here: